Quick Tips for a Smooth Installation of Kitchen Appliances

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Getting new kitchen appliances is always exciting, but installation can be daunting. Homeowners should keep some general rules and appliance-specific guidelines in mind.

First and foremost, turning off the water or gas is crucial to avoid any safety issues. After this, many tips can make the installation go smoothly and efficiently.

Make Sure It Fits

When installing your new appliances Rockville MD, you may need more thought to the installation style, but there are several options. One popular style is to install your appliance flush with the cabinetry for a clean look in your kitchen design. This option is ideal for wall ovens, microwaves, and built-in refrigerators.

When selecting a new appliance, it’s important to ensure it fits properly. There are various size and specification options, so it’s best to be familiar with them before installing them.

A knowledgeable home appliance specialist can help educate you on the various appliance options. They can also help you determine which appliance installation style best suits your home’s layout, kitchen purposes, and more.

Turn Off the Water or Gas

When installing a new appliance in your kitchen, shutting off the water and gas valves to that particular appliance is important. This will ensure that the new appliance is not accidentally activated, causing a potential fire or other damage.

This includes the main house gas valve and the individual gas valves on your water heater, furnace, stove, and dryer. You must know how to turn these off quickly and easily, especially in a disaster or an emergency.

If you smell gas, leave your home immediately and call 911 from a safe location away from your home. You will probably need to shut off the gas supply at your main gas meter, but keeping an adjustable pipe or wrench handy for turning off your appliances’ gas valves is also a good idea. If a pilot light on a gas-powered appliance goes out, you must read the manufacturer’s care instructions to find out how to relight it.

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Take the Time to Measure

A common do-it-yourself mistake that can cause a lot of disappointment, frustration, and ultimate regret is buying an appliance that doesn’t fit. It’s important to take the time to measure your appliance — preferably before you buy it — and also consider all hallways, doors, and outlets it will have to pass through to get from the vehicle to its destination.

Ensuring the pathway is clear will help ensure no hiccups during the delivery and installation process. Remember to measure height from floor to top, width at the widest point (usually the front), and depth, including handles/knobs. It’s also a good idea to double-check all measurements using a different type of tape for accuracy validation. You can also have a specialist come out and measure for you, which is always a great option. This will ensure that the appliances will be delivered and installed properly.

Have a Specialist Come Out

Appliances are expensive investments, so homeowners should always want to ensure their new ones are installed correctly. If something goes wrong, then it will cost even more to have them repaired or replaced. To avoid any costly mistakes, it is best to have a professional do the installation for you.

A professional will have the necessary tools to do a proper job and know what they are doing, so they can save you time by getting it done quicker than you could. Also, they can repair any damage during the process, like a scuffed paint or drilled hole.

When choosing an appliance specialist, look for a company with 5+ years of experience. Ask for a reference list, and ensure they are licensed, insured, and certified. You should also be able to find reviews online from previous customers. If you don’t have enough time to install your appliances, hire a professional to do it right the first time.

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