How to Choose the Perfect Furniture for Small Spaces

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Furnishing a tiny home can be challenging. It is essential to find the perfect furniture that will fit the space without making it feel cramped and cluttered.

Finding the perfect furniture for small spaces is often like a Goldilocks endeavor—not too big, not too little, but just right. Here are a few tips to help you choose the perfect furniture for your small home:

Think About the Scale

The scale is one of the most important things to remember when choosing perfect furniture for small spaces. Many people make the mistake of buying oversized pieces, thinking it will look better, but this can make a room feel more cramped.

Scale also refers to the proportions of each piece. For example, a sofa with fat rolled arms and a multi-cushion back will seem too bulky for a small space, so it’s best to opt for something with skinny arms and a slim profile. The same goes for dining tables and beds; try to find ones with slender legs to give the illusion of more floor space.

Similarly, choosing lighter-colored furniture can help a small space appear more prominent and airier. Click here to check more on lighter tones if they blend better with the surrounding décor, making the room look more open. And, since a lack of storage is often an issue when decorating small spaces, it’s a good idea to look for pieces with built-in storage. You can find great examples of this by shopping for ottomans that double as storage or sofas that can convert into beds.

Keep It Simple

When you’re furnishing a small space, less is more. Cramming a room with too much furniture will only make it feel cramped and claustrophobic. Stick to a few well-thought-out furniture pieces that serve multiple purposes.

For example, opt for one with skinny arms and a slim upholstered back instead of a sofa with fat rolled arms and a multi-cushion back. Remember that leggy furniture looks more visually light and open, while slender legs add visual balance to the room.

In addition, consider a dresser with hidden storage drawers incorporated into the design or a bed frame with a built-in bookcase headboard to create more storage without taking up floor space. You can also tuck boxes and bins under the sofa or on a bed for extra storage.

Avoid cluttering a small space by limiting the amount of knick-knacks and decorative items you display on tables or bookcases. Instead, style a few throw pillows or artwork to add color and personality without overwhelming the room. Then, fill empty wall space with mirrors to expand a room and reflect natural light instantly.

Choose Multi-Purpose Furniture

Multi-purpose furniture can be one of your best investments if you’re furnishing a tiny apartment or studio home. Whether it’s a sofa that doubles as a bed or an ottoman that serves as seating and storage, these pieces will help you get the most out of your space without making the room feel cramped or cluttered.

Even if you don’t live in a small space, luxury furniture that works hard and looks smarter will serve you well if you move into a larger home or pied-à-terre. “Purchase furniture that can grow with you into your next space,” Gachot says.

Perfect Furniture

When choosing furniture for a small space, try to stick with light colors so the pieces won’t visually overwhelm the room. Also, remember that furniture lower to the ground will make a smaller room appear more spacious. For this reason, it’s essential to look for couches and chairs with low backs and legs.

Don’t Forget About Storage

Keeping everything neat and organized is crucial when working with limited space. This is why choosing perfect furniture with plenty of storage options is essential. Look for a coffee table with shelves or a sofa bed that can be used as a seat during the day and a sleeper at night. You can also opt for nesting tables or stackable stools that can be stored out of the way when unused.

Another savvy option is to install wall shelves in your small living room. This makes the most out of vertical space while keeping your floors clear of clutter.

While modern furniture’s clean lines complement many small spaces, there is no need to sacrifice your signature style. With careful planning, you can create a functional and visually appealing small living room that reflects your taste. Contact us to schedule a complimentary design consultation with one of our skilled designers to get started. We’ll help you develop a floor plan and find the luxury perfect furniture for your space and budget.

Think About Lighting

Good lighting makes a room feel larger and more open. To maximize natural light in your small space, choose furniture that is low to the ground or has a low profile to prevent unflattering shadows. Recessed lamps and LED panels are ideal for smaller rooms since they don’t trespass into the vertical plane of your space.

Whether in a tiny home or studio apartment, maximizing floor space and accessorizing your small room can be challenging. However, it’s also an opportunity to think creatively about the space you’re working with and to find innovative storage solutions.

For example, a sofa that converts into a bed gives you extra seating during the day and a place to sleep at night. Or, a slender coffee table with an additional shelf is a stylish accent piece that only takes up a little visual real estate. And a stackable stool is the perfect way to add seating at mealtime or for guests. When you think creatively about using your furniture for small spaces, the options are endless.

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