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If you’re planning a renovation, it’s best to be prepared. Whether your project is big or small, it’s important to know what questions to ask when hiring a contractor. And while some people don’t love the thought of having a contract, they are essential for protecting both parties’ interests. Here are some tips on how to communicate effectively with your home renovation contractor and make sure that both parties are protected:

Get a contract upfront

If you want to be sure that your contractor stays on schedule and doesn’t take advantage of you, get a contract upfront. A good contract should include:

  • The date of the contract
  • The location of the contract (which should be where you live)
  • A description of work to be done, including materials used and labor costs
  • A project completion date

You can also specify whether or not additional fees will apply if there are delays in completing or starting work due to weather conditions or other circumstances beyond their control. Your home renovation contractor should sign this document before beginning any work on your home, and remember: it’s important not only because it outlines what needs doing but also because it protects both parties from liability issues down the line!

Know which items are covered

Before you start the renovation process, take time to go over the contract with your home renovation contractor and make sure you understand what is covered. If something is unclear or if there are any questions about the scope of work, ask for clarification. If this doesn’t resolve the issue, get a second opinion from another contractor who has experience working with home renovation projects similar to yours.

Know what to expect from your contractor

When you’re ready to hire a home renovation contractor, there are a few things you should ask them before signing on the dotted line. A good contractor should be able to provide references from past clients and their insurance information. They should also be licensed in your state or province, as well as have an excellent reputation among their peers and colleagues.

The best contractors will offer detailed estimates that include all costs associated with completing your project, including materials needed for each step along the way, so that there are no surprises when it comes time for payment (and so that both parties know exactly what they’re paying for).

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Get it in writing

Get it in writing. Contracts are the cornerstone of any good project, and it’s important that both parties have a copy of the contract signed by both sides. Your contractor should include a scope of work, budget, and timeline in their proposal. These documents will help keep everyone on the same page during construction so there’s no confusion about what’s expected or when things will be completed. Contracts should also include payment schedules as well as dispute resolution processes if something goes wrong with your project (or worse yet–you don’t like how it looks!).

Don’t be afraid to ask for a change order

Asking for change orders is not a sign of weakness or failure. It’s just plain smart!

What is a change order? A change order is an agreement between you and the contractor that lets you make modifications to the original contract. For example, let’s say your contractor quoted $5,000 for materials but then went through with his plan to use higher-quality materials instead–it would be perfectly reasonable for him to charge extra money for this upgrade because it changes what was originally agreed upon (and therefore affects his bottom line). If he doesn’t offer any kind of price adjustment at all after hearing about your new plans, ask him how much more money he thinks this should cost before starting work on the project again (which could potentially lead down another path altogether!).

How do I request one? You can start by asking politely: “I want these changes made before moving forward with my project; would they affect our budget?” If they do indeed impact finances then ask them how much extra money would be needed in order for both parties’ needs met; if not then simply move forward without making any adjustments at all!

Avoid haggling over price

You should never feel pressured to negotiate on price. If you are happy with the contractor’s estimate, then don’t try to get a lower price. If you aren’t happy with their estimate, ask for a change order. Change orders are common in home renovation projects and should be expected by both parties.


If you’re looking to renovate your home, it’s important that you take the time to find the right home renovation contractor. The tips above can help make sure that you choose someone who will be able to give you the results you want at a fair price.

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