Four Tips When Handling Conflicts Within Your HOA Community

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Conflicts can arise within an HOA community. The way your HOA board handles conflicts plays a vital role in whether the issue persists or escalates. Effective conflict management is the key to a successful community. If your board cannot handle conflicts, you should get help from a management company. One of the roles that this company is to resolve disputes and conflicts. Before you try to handle a conflict, below are some tips you should consider:

Listen Attentively

When you handle conflicts among community residents, you need to listen closely to those involved in the situation. You need to stay objective and unbiased. An HOA management company can be neutral in collecting information regarding the situation. It’s important to understand the situation to prevent the disagreement from escalating.

Keep Perspective

With some conflicts, tensions tend to run high, leaving you emotionally invested. You must understand and let yourself view this situation based on the perspectives of all parties involved. Respect other people’s views even if they do not match with your own.

Communicate Properly

The way you communicate is a factor in conflict management. The majority of conflicts arise due to miscommunication or when a party does not understand the view of the other. To get everyone on the same page, you must clear up misunderstandings and initiate respectful conversations. If your association board cannot establish effective communication channels, your management partner is available to help.

To maintain transparency within the association, board members must use different communication channels to share information with community members including phone calls, newsletters, written notices, and emails. Whether in response to general information or infraction that affects the community, communication is vital. In turn, homeowners read the rules and regulations of their community and ask to talk to a board member whenever they want to clear things up; rather than depend on other residents who might also be misinformed.

Stay Calm

When you handle conflicts within the community, you must maintain a positive attitude and show calmness. This will relieve tension and allow for effective the parties involved to solve their problem.

A successful HOA community can effectively manage conflicts that can arise within it. Resolving conflicts amicably is essential in maintaining relationships and peace within the community. To ensure your HOA has access to effective conflict resolution strategies, it’s best to work with a management company that also offers different services your association can benefit from.

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