5 DIY Home Plumbing Projects

Home Plumbing

Hiring a plumber for your home project is the best idea, but there are specific tasks that you can do yourself. If you can fix some of these plumbing problems, you’re going to save your service and labor fees. You should not let any plumbing job scare you if you have the required tools and step to follow while working on it.

Many plumbing DIY projects are available online to guide you on how you’re going to complete your project. You will need to get some of your DIY appliances from Lexity Pty Ltd then you are good to start your project. It’s essential to take your time and gather all the information needed before you begin to avoid any mistake that might cost you. Furthermore, there are plenty of DIY home plumbing projects you can consider doing.

Here are some of those projects.

1. Recognize A Leak

Water leaks might seem normal but can be costly if you don’t take action to fix them. You can end up renovating your house at a cost because of water damage. At this point, you will need a leak detector to monitor any signs of a leak at your home. This will help take any necessary action to avoid any further leakage that you can’t handle yourself.

2. Hood Installation

It’s easy to install a wall-mount range hood when you follow the correct procedure. You don’t need to be a professional for this task, but you need to be keen when cutting holes to make a plan. When doing your range hood installation, you need to consider the use of rigid ductwork. It would be best if you were efficient with your ductwork for the range hood to work.

3. Fix a Broken Pipe

Having broken pipes in your home is common, and you don’t have to panic when faced with such a situation. It would be best if you located the main shut-off valve in your home to cut the water. After you do so, you will need to access the situation and need simple tools and inexpensive material to fix. It would be best to use a PEX plastic pipe to facilitate your push-fit fittings as you repair them.

4. Install A New Shower Head

This project is easy to do because you will need to unscrew the old shower head then replace it with the new one. You will need to get a new shower head from Lexity Pty Ltd and a screwdriver for your project. However, when undertaking this DIY plumbing project, you need to be keen on handling head pipe so that it doesn’t crush.

5. Unclog A Sink Drain

You might see this task as challenging, but at some point, it is simple when you know how you’re going to handle it. You will need to get a drain snake to help you clear away what might be clogging your home drain system. You can use it manually or pumped in electricity to collect any debris inside the drains.


Some of these home projects can be overwhelming, but you don’t have to give up when doing them. With simple tools and direction, you can fix the problem without calling an expert to help you. Permanently save your money by practicing doing a simple DIY home plumbing project, and you will release how much money you’re saving.

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